I'm Alberto Pereira. A full stack developer. That's it.

What I Do

Web development for 15 years, I can do basically everything PHP or JS related, and it's derivatives.

Web Development

PHP, JS. Vuejs, Laravel, Reactjs. HTML5, CSS3.
Mysql, Postgresql and Firebase (noSQL).
Photoshop and some Illustrator.

Data Visualization

I can work with d3.js and I've been working on integration between Vuejs and d3.js.

Documentation and Version Control

I'm proficient in writing documentation (see here and here) and GIT, using regularly Github and Bitbucket.


Sure. Shopify, Woocommerce, and Stripe and Paypal integration from scratch.


Mocha, Chai, Cypress and PHPUnit.


To wrap all the previous skills in a nice package, I have very good communication skills, and use regularly Slack, being used to be organized in teams following a SCRUM methodology, having used Trello, JIRA and Asana.

Start a Project. Let's chat: info@albertopereira.com